Our accommodation is a dome lodge in the form of an igloo. It is completely disconnected from water, sewage and electricity and can therefore be placed in unique places that would otherwise not be possible. The cabin is compact at 12 well-planned square meters with room for 2 people.

Sleep well

With us, you sleep comfortably in a double bed and satin sheets. Dream away under the stars and wake up with a view of the bay and the mountains.

The kitchenette

The accommodation is equipped with a kitchenette to prepare your own food or heat water for coffee and tea. In a cooled compartment in the floor you will find breakfast, your dinner (if you order that) and non-alcoholic drinks.


We have equipped the accommodation with a separate toilet. The solution is both hygienic and completely odorless.


The cabin is equipped with free internet via wifi. There are several USB sockets for charging mobile devices as well as a built-in Bluetooth speaker for streaming music.